In Koh Samui you are spoilt for choice whether you choose to lay at the pool with a cocktail or indulge in some of the fun based activities available like from visits to the beautiful spiritual temples, like the Big Buddha, the un-spoilt beaches, the great weather, jungle and waterfall tours, massages, superb cocktails, excellent authentic Thai cuisines, a great selection of restaurants catering for all tastes, the many markets, to variety of bars and the vibey nightlife of Chaweng. It can be absolutely intoxicating and overwhelming which can at times result in over indulgence in one way or the other and, you can easily find yourself looking to have a balance by recharging your energy levels or just getting out the ordinary and try something different like a dance class or aerial silks, or even a energizing stretch or interval class. For the kids there are gymnastics, which is sure to help contain the energy levels and instill discipline. This can help you to set the tone for your long term fitness goals.

Routine by definition can become boring, at Airwellfit we address and eliminate the boring by ensuring variety and fun in our fitness and dance class offerings, whilst the focus is on getting you into shape and reaching your desired fitness results thereby contributing to your healthy lifestyle. With variety of classes on offer at the Airwellfit studio you are guaranteed to find a training discipline that you enjoy furthermore Group classes is also a great way to new people in the Samui Community. We also rotate instructors to ensure the element of variety and uniqueness is maintained in all training disciplines.

Professional care

All classes, private and group at the Airwellfit studio is facilitated by qualified instructors. Training programs are created from years of experience and in depth knowledge in the discipline to ensure that your fitness session at airwellffit is effective and safe.

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