Muay Thai is the most popular martial art style that is practiced in Thailnd and Koh Samui with its many offerings of training camps is a popular destination for many that want to learn or enhance their fighting skills. We at Airwellfit Samui do not offer Muay thai training but do offer the necessary support and maintenance sessions that is required to ensure that the body, muscles and tendons function at their optimum and to assist in your recovery from injury and pain. At the Airwellfit studio we provide stretching s and recovery roll classes that is highly beneficial to enable your muscles, tendons and joints to properly function and thereby enabling your flexibility to perform strenuous movements with minimal risks to injury. The sessions also greatly assists, with the recovery from muscle injuries and a higher resistance to pain. We at Airwellfit samui offer both group and private training sessions.

Rehab classes.

These sessions will improve health and fitness levels and is recommended for all regardless of ability or injury because classes are customized to ensure that the focus is to work on both your strengths and weaknesses to ensure a balanced overall improvement of your health and wellbeing resulting in healthier muscles and tendons, greater mobility and a relaxed state of mind. The classes listed below are a vriety of the Rehab classes.

Relax and stretch

Excellent for all age groups and perfect for those that had a break from training and looking to start again. It is also great as part of your rehabilitation regime for joints, muscles, and tendon/ligaments after an injury.

Recovery Roll

These recovery roll sessions are great for adults of all ages and fitness levels. If you are looking to improve/ enhance your flexibility and your balance through the process of simple exercises, then the sessions at Airwellfit is most definitely for you.

Power stretch

The discipline is a combination of power static exercises that utilizes your own body weight and deep stretching exercises.  It is highly beneficial to improve and build core power, improve strength and burn excess fat whilst toning and getting into shape. Muay thai fighters will greatly benefit by strengthening tendons and avoiding injuiries.

Hot stretch

An important skill of muay thai is the ability to kick effectively. Hot stretch classes will increase your flexibility and improve the body’s natural strength, assist in the ability to do splits and increase back flexibility thereby improving the ability to deliver more effective powerful kicks.

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