To most the thought of enduring a gut wrenching Gym session by hitting the weights is not appealing. But having an hour long energizing, uplifting fitness session in a group setting will provide you the motivation to kick start and achieve your fitness goals with the necessary excitement. The motivation combined with the Technical knowledge and experience of our vibrant instructors at the Airwellfit studio in our dance and fitness classes are sure to perk up your energy levels.
Group fitness classes will ensure that you will bring diversity to your training workouts, whilst keeping your training sessions fresh and exciting. At Airwellfit IN Samui you also have the options to choose and try out new classes from the variety on offer, this will lead to you experiencing and learning new things. With the diverse offerings at airwellfit in the group classes from dance to fitness and our catering for all age groups and levels of fitness you are sure to find a group class that you enjoy, a fitness session that will help you balance the holiday indulgences during your stay in Koh Samui. Long term membership training packages as well as single session rates are available for all training sessions. At the Airwellfit studio our qualified fitness and dance instructors will gladly through a consultation guide you through the process of finding the group class that is best suited to achieve your fitness goals.
A key advantage of these group classes as compared to gym is that due to the fact that we limit the number of persons per class, which not only prevents overcrowding but also ensures that the instructors focus and attention to all attending the session is not diluted. The group class instructors through motivation, support and guided instruction will ensure that you will receive the maximum benefit from the session, a result that can only be achieved at the gym through the great cost of the employment of a personal instructor.

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