With 2017 on our doorstep, for many it is a new beginning in many ways. Some choose to ADOPTING RESOLUTIONS that is to intended to add value to their lifestyles, but we all know how that goes especially when it comes to fitness and health goals due to lifestyle choices, work and family commitments, plain laziness, lack of motivation  and not knowing how exactly to go about achieving those fitness and health goals. We at AIRWELLFIT DANCE AND FITNESS STUDIO in Koh Samui would like to assist, guide/walk the process of achieving your fitness and health goals with you, if you want the fitness you have to work for it and we are ready to do the work with you. To help you get to the more energetic, younger fitter you, Airwellfit undertakes to provide you with great atmosphere in an air-conditioned studio, qualified instructors, knowledge and motivation in our group and private classes to enable you to achieve your fitness and health goals, all you have to do is make time and commit.

Whatever your goal is, whether to improve strength, improve your cardio vascular endurance, flexibility and or power. There are many exercises that can help you increase your fitness levels to realize those goals. At Airwellfit in Koh Samui we have great selection of fitness and dance classes available with qualified experienced instructors in a group and private class sessions., All classes cater for both Male and females of all ages and fitness levels. The variety of classes available eliminates the boredom that comes with a set routine and will keep you motivated.

We at Airwellfit take this opportunity to address a few frequently asked questions by men considering starting training to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Frequently Asked Fitness Questions by Men

What is the best way to loose fat?

There is no “Best Way” to lose fat, this is simply because you are an individual and that you will respond differently to every training program. The key is to apply the principles off fitness to design training program that meet your need in achieving your goal of fat and or weight loss. The program will include activities that incorporate many muscle groups per session in a high intensity-training schedule that is suited for weight loss. A great way to kick start the process is to join the Interval classes at the Airwellfit studio, these classes assists greatly with fat loss, a decrease in body fat retention and an increase in strength and endurance.

How do I get a flat stomach?

There are no shortcuts here and Genetics does plays a role in the process but the two types of exercises that can greatly improve and assist with achieving the desired result is strength training and cardio vascular exercises especially when combined with a healthy balanced eating plan, not a diet or quick fix, but a way of living. The Air fitness studio’s fit ball and interval classes target the main abdomen muscles resulting in increase in core strength, reduction in fat levels and increase in fitness and energy levels, this combined with a healthy nutritional eating plan can greatly improve your ability to have a flat stomach and maintain it.. You will not only look great and have the energy levels of a younger you, your confidence will greatly improve with your new improved look.

Do I do cardio or weight training first?

This is a great question and our take on it is line with general understanding that is based on your goals; is if you want to lose weight and improve you level of fitness then then cardio vascular exercise should be first, if your goal is to increase muscle then weights should be first. However, one should have a reasonable level of fitness before you start to hit the weights, this will give you the platform to achieve the maximum from your weight training sessions, this will prevent you from being in state of fatigue during your training session. Fatigue will result in a decrease in the intensity of your workout, resulting in the loss of fewer calories. The rule should be that you perform your most significant workout which is goal orientated when not in a state of fatigue to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved. At Airwellfit the interval, fit ball and cardio-based classes are excellent to achieve the fitness levels to start your weight-training regime and  as ongoing maintenance to balance your training cycles and increase fitness levels.

Do I need to take dietary supplements?

The only reason you would require dietary supplementation is if you have documented report stating that you have a deficiency, of you are not following a well-balanced eating plan. Acquiring the required, necessary vitamins from food through a balanced eating plan is always healthier than through any other form of artificial supplementation, although serious vitamin deficiency can be improved through supplements. Fat burning and muscle building supplements have become popular over the years. For fat burning, exercise alone done correctly and targeted will increase the body’s ability to decrease fat by increasing the muscles capability to oxidize free fatty acids. At air well fit the qualified and experienced instructors will ensure in the sessions that you target the areas of concern, the areas that you want to improve and that you perform the exercises correctly through form and execution. You will be reaching your goals and greatly improving your levels of fitness.  For muscle building most supplements will benefit athletes that have many years of training, the recommendation is therefore to follow a balanced eating plan to achieve the optimum nutrients, vitamins required to perform at your best level and thereby get the gains you desire. Prior to any type of artificial supplementation consultation with your medical physician is recommended.

How often should I work out?

If you are just getting back into exercising, it is widely recommended that for journey to achieving your health and fitness goals that initially a program of 20 to 60 mins 3 to 5 times a week be maintained. This will enable the improvement of your fitness levels, to see further improvements in your cardio vascular health, aerobic power, cholesterol level and body composition an increase in duration and frequency will be required. One should however be cautious as over exercising can lead to injuries and disrupt your fitness and health endeavors. To overcome muscle fatigue, injuries and improve circulation we recommend the Stretch and Rehabilitation classes at the Airwellfit fitness studio in Koh Samui, these classes will be highly beneficial to improve and build core power, improve strength, burn excess fat whilst toning and getting into shape, also greatly improving flexibility and endurance. Regular stretching and rehab classes will improve your chances of not injuring yourself during your gym weight related exercises.

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