Power classes

Power classes gets you fitter and stronger with a combination of strength and effective functional training exercises.


Best way to
lose weight.
From: 300 baht / class


Firming up Abs,
Butt and Legs.
From: 300 baht / class

Power Stretch

Improve core strength,
balance flexibility.
From: 300 baht / class

Most popular class, the first to design an aerobics and weight training combination exercise program. Perfect class to get in shape! The result is a super effective workout that gives three times the fat loss than aerobics alone.
Only a weight/aerobic combination workout is the best for losing weight and looking great

Abs-Butts-Legs, Want to firm it up?
Get in here!
Exercises for abs, buttocks and gluteus Maximus are the primary goal plus additional work for muscle groups connected to these areas

Power stretch is a perfect mixture of power static exercises using your body weight and deep stretching exercises. It is suitable for persons with all levels of fitness and ages. For those that do like cardio exercises it is a great way to build core power, improve strength, burn unwanted fat and get in shape.

Rehab & Strength Classes

Improve your health and fitness regardless of ability or injury. Classes are customized to work on your strengths and weaknesses resulting in an overall improvement in health.

Relax & Stretch

Muscle fatigue recovery
and stretching.
From: 300 baht / class

Recovery Roll

Muscle fatigue recovery,
better blood circulation.
From: 300 baht / class

Hot Stretch

Best class to
improve splits.
From: 300 baht / class

Relax & stretch — had a long break in exercises?

professional sport injuries ( Muay Thai, martial arts, football, basketball etc )
This is the perfect rehabilitation program for you JOINTS, LIGAMENTS and MUSCLES after injuries , RECOMMENDED to everyone, especially for people 40+

People of all ages and sports levels get the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, and strength by doing simple exercises and applying self massage.
Overuse, inflammation or a surgical operation can change the fiscal tissue and lead to hardening, immobility and pain. With Recovery Roll training session you can simply and fast work on the musculature, improving mobility and relief from pain.


A stretching class to increase flexibility and get natural body strength. It’s a training focused on  increasing back flexibility and ability to do splits

Dance Classes

Dance classes — caters for beginners to advanced, we have a class for you. Skills are developed in a friendly and inspiring environment by a fantastic range of practicing dancers.


Feel the music,
express emotions.
From: 300 baht / class

Lady Dance

Improve your feminine
and fluidity.
From: 300 baht / class

Body Ballet

Strengthen muscles with
classical ballet workout.
From: 300 baht / class

Our contemporary dance classes are designed to improve technique, flexibility, stamina and artistry.
Proper technique will be used as a departure point from which students will take risks and explore the freedom found within contemporary movement . Combines precision leg work with an ease and fluidity in the torso.
It emphasizes and develops proper body alignment, strength and flexibility, rhythmic and musical phrasing, and self-expression. A fun, expressive combination of global music and  movement.

Lady dance is a fun and fabulous freestyle form of dance that borrows from many dance styles and genres. Want to dance in the night club, but don’t know how? – This class is for YOU. No previous dance expierence necessary

You were always dreaming to be a ballerina, but think it is too late ? —

It is never late! Classical ballet class adapted  into a fitness program.

This class will focus on toning and strengthening exercises, traditionally performed at a barre – including plies, releves, and leg lifts.

Additionally we will perform movement sequences across the floor including light jumping, leaping, and spinning – all moves will be provided with options, so this class is suitable for all levels.

Classes for kids

KIDS trainings will help your child not only to improve their physical qualities, acquire strength, agility and endurance, but also will give a great mood, and contribute to the emergence of new hobbies, interests.


Greatest for flexibility,
strength and coordination.
From: 300 baht / class

Ballet Kids

Grace and posture
From: 300 baht / class

Dance Mix Kids

Catchy dance style
a lot of fun!
From: 300 baht / class

GYMNASTICS — is a perfect activity for little ladies! We learn acrobatic elements and the same time increase flexibility, stretch back and do splits, improve artistic skills and express their personality in dance routine. Also while work out with different equipment such as (skipping rope, gym balls, Ribbons) improve balance, coordination and the training become a very interesting and exciting game!

ACROBATICS — perfect class for active kids! This is a unique opportunity to lead the activity and energy of your kid in a right way! This class is a combination of acrobatic elements such as ( handstand, flic, somersault, rolls, twists, handspring) and a perfect power training, balance exercises and agility! For the safety we use gymnastic mat!

Ballet for children — it is a unique opportunity to their comprehensive development from an early age. Classical dance begins to form the child’s physical characteristics: flexibility, stretching, jumping ability. Also ballet classes develop artistry and musical ear.
Learning classical dance to include a compulsory introduction of a professional dance terminology, classes are held under the classical music, which in turn significantly increases literacy.


Your child cannot stand still when he hears the catchy music? Then bring it to us in the class, because it is very important to promptly develop in the child a sense of rhythm and the basics of music. In our classes, children not only will learn various dance styles, try yourself  in different directions, but just improve the fluidity of the body, as well as improvement of  good  mood!

Pole Dance & Aerial Silks

Pole and aerial silks will help you feel flight and wondering to exploring what your body is capable of! Learn new tricks and dance style is interesting and fun, and in addition to the excellent pastime you get the figure of your dreams!

Pole Dance

Spins and acrobatics
pole workout.
From: 400 baht / class

Silks Acrobatics

Incredible feeling
of antigravity.
From: 400 baht / class

Pole Exotic

Feminine and sensual
pole workout.
From: 400 baht / class

Pole Sport is a study of spins and tricks on the pole. The training helps you to get rid of excess centimeters, strengthens your muscles, builds your confidence and brings joy to you. You will be pleasantly surprised as to what your body is capable of. Through a guided step by step process you will learn simple to advanced tricks. You will also learn dance tricks that will assist you with balance and coordination. Pole dance is a versatile course to work on your overall body.
Come learn to fly!

Aerial silks — one of most beautiful styles of aerial acrobatics . Silks- is an ideal combination of stretching elements , acrobatics and dance. We learn step by step from beginner level tricks to very advanced ones , all levels are welcome ! If you dreamed about to fly — you are on the right way !

Pole exotic — is not only about learning tricks and spins on the pole but also about developing fluidity and sexuality. Exotic pole is about a combination of female appeal, fluidity, uniqueness, individuality. During lessons you will learn how to move in beautifull and gracefully elegant feminine way. If you also want to improve your fluidity exotic pole is definitely for you. You can start classes regardless of age, height, body type and level of training