алеся 600х540ALESIA — is a certified Pole Dance, silks and gymnastics teacher, dancer and just just an all round positive person!
She has achieved a number of successes in her career thus far and is a very capable and willing teacher.
Her accomplishments are as follows:
— The winner of the dance festival Cat Walk III, Moscow, 2014. Pole Sport, professional
— The Best Artistic at the International Festival pole dance in Bulgaria, Burgas, 2014. professional category,
— 1st place in the selection of judges and 1 place on the choice of viewers.

Pole Dance Show 2015 — Category pole art professionals —

— Winner of Russian Cup on air sports equilibr — pole artistic professional
— Participated in numerous master classes by world stars of pole sport.
Alesia’s classes: Pole Dance, Pole Sport, silks acrobatics and gymnastics for children. Come join her classes, and you will learn how to fly!

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